This Race is About Qualifications

I've been asked many times, "Why did the Commissioner's Court appoint an attorney as County Treasurer?"  The answer is simple, and it's the same answer I'm relaying to the voters of Williamson County:  "I'm the most qualified person for the job."  I bring to the job a combination of genuine business experience, familiarity with complex financial transactions, knowledge of the nuances of cash flow management and maximizing returns, and legal expertise.

County Treasurer is primarily a position of financial management and cash flow management.  As a business owner, I have managed staff, payroll, and day-to-day finances of multiple small businesses for over a decade.  As an attorney, I have helped hundreds of small businesses form, grow, and succeed. For most of the last decade, my law practice focused on real estate and finance.  I have represented buyers, sellers, lenders, and title companies in extraordinarily complex financial transactions. I have also spent several years on the board of a local community bank, performing functions very similar to that of the County Treasurer. 


My role as a bank board member is similar in many ways to my role as County Treasurer.  We are charged primarily with ensuring the integrity of the bank's assets, analyzing risk, and safely maximizing return.  As part of this role, I serve on the bank's ALCO Committee (Asset-Liability Committee).  This committee is charged with analyzing interest rate risk and tracking developing trends within the market to ensure that the bank protects its returns in a changing interest rate environment.  I have also served on the banks Executive Committee, Audit Committee, and Personnel Committee - all functions directly relevant to the job of County Treasurer.

This skill set has allowed me to achieve success in two primary areas during my short time in office.  First, as an attorney, I conducted a review of all of the office's systems and procedures for statutory compliance.  I found several areas (unclaimed property, for example), in which the procedures that were in place were not completely in line with the nuances of the controlling statutes.  We have revised those procedures to bring them into compliance.

Next, we have engaged in detailed planning of our cash flow and sources and uses.  Doing so has helped our office to increase the rate of return on the county's assets by 40% in my first 10 months in office.  The income produced by the County Treasurer's office (which is produced purely through market return, not through any sort of taxes or "hidden taxes"), will increase by more than $1 Million this year. 

We have done all of this while significantly decreasing the expense side of our budget. 

As a conservative, I am proud of our record.  It has been a great first year, but we have much more work to do.  My goal is to put in place systems and procedures that will allow the office to continue this success and to adapt to the continued growth that Williamson County will see.  I hope to earn your vote to continue this work.

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